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The Turkish folk tale "Alenoushka and Her Brother" and Saint Odilia’s beautiful relationship with her brother inspired the necklace Odilia and Hugh, which explores the ties that bind brothers and sisters as a metaphor for the interdependency of intuition and reason.

"The maiden found such favor in the eyes of the Padishah that he desired ardently to marry her at once, but she refused to consent until her brother, the stag, was brought to her. Slaves were therefore dispatched to find the stag and they soon brought him to the palace. This done, the twain never left each other's side; they slept together and arose together. When the marriage was celebrated, the stag still would not quit his sister, and when at night they retired, he struck her lightly with his forefeet saying "This is the brother-in-law's bone; this is the sister's bone.""

- Alenoushka and Her Brother (A Turkish Tale)

necklace 3
Odilia and Hugh
brass, silver, gimp thread
16" x 8" x 2.5"